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Thursday July 27th
CANNOT MISS Putting Clinic!
The Putt Doctor is Making His Rounds!

Dr. Craig Farnsworth
"It all comes down to a putt, hole after hole!" 


PGA Tour instructor and coach to Sir Nick Faldo - Dr. Craig Farnsworth - The Putt Doctor - has
worked with over 250 PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and European Tour players and authored two iconic
books on putting, SEE IT & SINK IT and The Putting Prescription!

Paul Horton is bringing the Doc to Calgary and Heritage Pointe Thursday July 27th. This is your
chance to learn from one of the best Putting Coaches in the world!


Presenting putting classes on four key areas that will take you to the next level on the greens!

Getting the Ball On Line, Consistently

Learn what setup or stroke changes eliminates pulls and pushes!

Setup & Alignment

Experience what setup changes allow for a more efficient stroke!

Speed Control

Exciting new techniques to enhance your speed control, regardless of the slope or distance!

Mental Focus

Techniques that quiet your mind and body by reducing tension during
the stroke!


CLINIC INFORMATION:   Thursday July 27th at Heritage Pointe

Clinic 1 (11am-1pm)


Set Up and AIM:
The new, ideal biomechanics setup - called the single axis setup - and Alignment Keys
Width of stance - Amount of hip bend that allows for less hands in the stroke - Amount of knee flex
Distance from ball (that also helps you perceive the target line accurately)
What options do you have for accurate alignment
How do you guarantee alignment accuracy and seeing the target line

Stroke Mechanics:
Getting the Ball on Line, Consistently
What is the ideal focus for the motor portion of the stroke - hands, arms, shoulders or back for you
What home drills assist you in Big Muscle control 
What changes to your setup can eliminate pulls or pushes
What is your “natural” stroke path

Clinic 2 (2-4pm)

Speed Control: 
Is tempo key to your speed control?
Stroke length could be key
What techniques could improve your speed control 
Science can improve your uphill and downhill speed
How much of your problem with speed is perceptual?

Mental Focus:
Gaining (self)control when the chips are down 
Reality check
Focus options (for every shot)
Stress "response" drills - a must! 
Practicing a tension free stroke
Each two hour putting clinic is $250 or attend both for $400 Can

Clinic 3 (5-7:30pm)

Full Swing
Two-Hour and 30-Minute Mental Focus Session  ($275 per person)
On the practice tee, full swing - for lower handicaps or pro’s
a. Better practice habits
b. Transitioning practice to play
c. Alternative options for "trust" 
d. Stress-reducing techniques

Take all 3 Clinics for $600 Can. and save $175!

Private Sessions with the Putt Doctor   ($325 per person) 

90 minute, computerized lesson, with 20 page handout
These sessions will be extremely limited!

Please book directly with Paul Horton to reserve your spot.  Space will be limited!
paul@paulhortongolf.com or call 403-585-0166!